Emma | Class of 2019

I spent a day with Emma and her family capturing some gorgeous photos in various places. Some of these places were new territory for me which is exciting because I love discovering new places! Some of the locations were tried and true locations that I have photographed many of times. It did not matter where we went, though, Emma was a natural in front of the camera! Here are a few of my favorites along with a little more about Emma! 


RP: You mention that you are scared of butterflies...tell me more about this strange fear and how it came to be!

Emma: When I was little I use to love butterflies so my aunt took me to a butterfly garden. It was all so much fun, but just like me now, when I was young I love to talk. My mouth is constantly open. Half way through our visit at the garden one flew into my mouth and until recently had been one of the most traumatizing events in my life. Haha now I just choose to stay very far away from them😂😂


RP: What are your plans for after High School?

Emma: I plan to not start college right away because I have foreign exchange students from all around the world and I would love to travel all around to try their way of life like they have mine. After that I plan to get my pre-recs and bowl for a college here in Michigan, I have not yet decided on which one yet. After I get my associates I’m thinking about going to a trade school to become a ultrasound technician.


RP: I love the way that you and your parents are so comfortable with one another and able to be silly - what is your favorite funny story with them?

Emma: Trying to find a favorite memory with my family is hard. We cherish every moment together and make the best out of our days we have. We are a very lax, care free family which helps us understand eachother. I couldn’t imagine not being close to my family. It’s something I will alway hold close

Thank you, Emma, for allowing me to capture you during your senior year! 

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