Jay | Class of 2019

I spent a really hot Michigan evening with Jay getting some awesome senior pictures. He was such a trooper too because by the end of his session we were all looking for the closest water source! He pulled through and we got some great shots though! Here is a little more about Jay and a few of my favorites from his session! 


RP: You’ve been playing football since 4th grade! What is your favorite thing about the game?

Jay: I love football because of the intensity, there is no other sport where you get to hit a guy full force every single play.


RP: Who inspires you and why?

Jay: I would say my dad inspires me, I’ve always looked up to him and he understands things in a way I haven’t seen from anyone else, and is cool and collected in every situation.


RP: What is something that makes you laugh every single time?

Jay: I really cannot help myself from laughing when someone gets hurt or does something in a clumsy way

Thank you, Jay, for letting me capture you during your senior year! 

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