Marty | Class of 2019

I spent a beautiful Michigan evening capturing Marty for his senior photos. He took me to several places around our little town of Portland and we got some great photos! I love when seniors take me around their hometown to get photos taken, its so special to be proud of the place we call home! Here are a few of my favorites from Marty's session along with a little more about this great senior! 


RP: You want to become a Physicians Assistant after college, that seems like a lot of work! Where do you plan to study?

Marty: I honestly am not sure where I want to study, Iā€™m thinking I may go to LCC, then transfer to MSU after 2 years.


RP: What is your favorite thing about High School? What are you looking forward to the most after High School?

Marty: I like hanging out with friends and watching my friends play Friday nights.
I look forward to spending time with family and friends, and the fun of being older!


RP: Tell me a little about the fish shirt, what drew you to this unique style?

Marty: I would like to say I have a unique style, I wear what I like, like my bright & odd shirts, lol.

Thank you, Marty, for letting me capture you during your senior year!

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