Maya | Class of 2019

I met Maya in the Lansing area and was so excited to photograph her again! She is getting to be a pro in front of the camera! Here is more about Maya along with a few of my favorites from her senior session!

Maya - summer11.jpg

RP: You like to spend time at the beach, what one is your personal favorite?

Maya: My favorite beach to go to is Grand Haven. I always go up each year on the Fourth of July. It’s a really positive place.

Maya - summer72.jpg

RP: If you could travel to any destination, where would you go?

Maya: My dream travel destination is Bora Bora for sure. I have only heard good things about it!

RP: Your friend said that you like aliens, why?

Maya: I’m extremely fascinated by outer space and the concept of aliens. It’s all mind blowing and there’s so much to look into.

Maya - summer98.jpg

RP: What is your favorite thing about getting your photos taken?

Maya: My favorite thing about getting my pictures taken is finding a really nice spot and being excited to see how my pictures turn out in that certain spot!

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