Ellie | Class of 2019

I met up with Ellie on what I considered to be the perfect Michigan day! Not too hot and not too cold, and a little cloudy all make for the PERFECT day for senior pictures! Here are a few of my favorites along with a little more about Ellie! 


RP: What is something that you are most excited for in your future?

Ellie: I'm most excited for my future because I can't wait to get out of such a small town and see what else is out there and to be experiencing new things

RP: What about this small town, Portland, will you miss the most though?

Ellie: Definitely my friends and having family close by! And just the feel of knowing everyone will be different. I will definitely miss the Friday night football too! 


RP: What kinds of things do you hope to experience after high school?

Ellie: I hope to be more outgoing when I meet people and I hope to find new hobbies like I have actually always been interested in photography, not as a career, but just something fun to do on the side while studying cosmetology! 


RP: What is the most important lesson that you've learned in life?

Ellie: The most important lesson I have learned is to live your life while you can and without regret because you only have one life like this and you should take advantage of it. 

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