Lindsay and Casey | Grand Ledge Engagement Photos

I met up with Lindsay and Casey in Grand Ledge, Michigan to photograph them for their engagement. Photographing people can tell me a lot about how much fun they have together, the happiness that radiates from this couple is amazing. 

Lindsay says that she and Casey met when she was 19 and working at the Shell in Portland. He came in to pay for his gas and he noticed her right away, but she wasn’t looking for anything new. It took her a few more times to notice him and says that "when I did I was smitten and I have been ever since"

Lindsay and Casey130.jpg

They say that they honestly love doing anything together. Whether it’s going on an adventure or staying home in their PJs. No matter what, they are always laughing and having fun. They explain that they are one another's best friend.

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Lindsay explained to me how they got engaged and the few weeks leading up to it. Here is what she said:

"A few weeks prior, he mentioned that he would be nervous to ever ask my dad for my hand so I was suspicious. Then on a random Wednesday, he came into my place of work and convinced my manager to let me come to the lobby so he could give me a present. He handed me a T-shirt he had made that said “does this ring make me look engaged”. When I turned, he got on his knee. But honestly, I cannot remember what he said or even what I said. But I knew my answer was yes, even if I can’t remember saying it. We then went home, ate pizza, watched The Emperors New Groove and went to bed. It was perfect.

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When I asked each of them what they love most about the other, they each replied. 

Casey "I love how much fun we have together and how much she makes me laugh. I love her sense of humor.“

Lindsay "I think he’s hilarious. Anything he copies is ten times funnier when he does it. At least that my opinion. He always makes me laugh."

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I know that this couple will spend many love-filled happy years full of laughter together! Join me in saying congratulations on their engagement below! 

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