The Logel Family | Portland MI Family Photos

I love meeting up with the Logel Family! Each time I have photographed the family, they have tried new and different ideas. This year, they thought they would try a beautiful Michigan winter session. As always, Michigan tends to surprise us with the weather because the day of their session was supposed to warm up enough to make it comfortable (as far as Michigan standards). While the air did warm up a little, the bitter wind was a force to be reckoned with. Winter wind in Michigan can make all the difference in how cold it feels outside, so needless to say, the Logel family had to brave the freezing cold temps (and wind)! For how cold they were, they did awesomely, you can't even tell! 


We had the vehicles very close for those times when people needed to get warm again. We took advantage of the situation by grabbing one of those moments just for Doug and Amy!


and of course the kids had time of their own too...


In the interest of full disclosure, winter sessions are very cold. In this cold, a nice, bitter, swift wind sometimes occurs. That is when you get a gem just like this one below! :) 


Thank you to the Logel family for braving the cold with me! 

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