How to prepare for Prom

Prom is one of the biggest events of the year and there is a little bit of planning that goes into preparing for the big night! Don't wait until the last minute to figure out your plans! Here is the guide to getting ready!


6 Months Before Prom

  • If you are looking to exercise or get in shape for Prom, this is the time to start! Remember, eating healthy can go a long way! 

3 Months Before Prom

  • Decide on a budget. There will be a lot of different expenses that come up (Dress, shoes, hair, makeup, nails, prom ticket, dinner reservations, limo, flowers and jewelry)
    • Note: Talk to your parents about how much they are willing to contribute. Don't assume they will take care of everything.
  • Start saving money
  • Start to shop for and purchase your prom dress
  • If you want unique professional photos before prom, contact us to reserve a spot (Reflections Photography fills up fast and can only fit a certain number of groups in!)

10 Weeks before Prom

  • Shop for accessories (jewelry, shoes and a bag)

2 Months Before Prom

  • Get tickets for you and your date/friends
  • Start looking at hair and makeup styles. Make appointments if necessary. 
    1. I highly recommend Keri over at Styles on the Grand for hair and Kristina at Natural Glam by K (517-285-3427) for makeup
  • Make plans with your group for before and after prom
    1. Dinner plans - look into your restaurant choice, make reservations as soon as possible to ensure you are able to get in
    2. Limo -  It's helpful to have a good idea of the number of people you know are in your group. If you're not quite sure, get a limo that will accommodate more people. A popular method of travel is a party bus, though
    3. After party - are you going to have a sleepover or meet up at Denny's? 
    4. Before prom pictures - Whose house is it going to be at? If no one has a backyard that can accommodate your needs, Portland has a lot of beautiful areas in town! If you haven't already contacted a photographer to do the portraits, contact us to see if there is still availability for the date!
    5. Discuss these plans with your parents so you don't throw them any curveballs come prom night

1 Month Before Prom

  • Make all the necessary changes to your prom dress. Have it lengthened or shortened, tailored to fit, etc. 
  • Start breaking in your shoes by wearing them with thick socks and casually wear them around the house. They look super cute while you're vacuuming or cleaning your cat's litter box
  • Order a boutonniere and other floral from the local florist
    1. Check out Country Cupboard, right in Portland
  • Tuxedos - Coordinate with your date and have his vest/tie/whatever match the color of your dress. 
  • Start Tanning

2 Weeks Before Prom

  • Finalize and verify all appointments and reservations (restaurant, limo etc.)
  • Finalize plans with your group
  • Put together stuff that you will be bringing with you to prom
    1. Lip gloss
    2. Phone
    3. Flossers (for after dinner)
    4. A stick of gum or mints
    5. Tickets
    6. Cash or Credit Card
    7. Compact mirror
    8. Tide Pen

The day before prom

  • Get your nails done
    1. I highly recommend Laura at the Nail Barn in Portland
  • Take out your dress and make sure all wrinkles are out

The Day of Prom

  • Go to all of your appointments
    1. Make sure to wear a zip-up hoodie or button-up shirt to your hair and makeup appointments
  • Pick up any floral orders that are waiting for you
  • Drop your vehicle off where-ever the after party will be
  • Make sure to get to the location of where you will be taking your prom photos on time
  • Head out and have fun!!