Senior Week | What to Wear

One of the things I hear the most before a session is "what should I wear?" This is easily the biggest question that comes to mind for many seniors preparing to get their photos taken and probably one of the most stressful items to deal with. Before you break the bank and go shopping for a new ensemble, the below pointers should help! 

senior week what to wear.jpg


Steer Clear of Fluorescents

These tones tend to place color-cast on faces, necks, and hair. They can be very harsh sometimes.


Wear what you feel good in

If you are not comfortable, it will show! Make sure you have good fitting clothing (not too tight or loose) and that you are con dent in what you wear. Too loose will look frumpy, too tight will just be uncomfortable!


Layers and accessories

Layers give your outfits dimension and versatility. Think about cardigans, sweaters, blazers etc. Adding a belt, necklace, hat, and scarves can also give dimension and add versatility


Matching is out, coordinating is in

Anything goes nowadays! Wearing the same colored shirt, pants, shoes, etc. looks a bit awkward. Coordinating color is what really brings wardrobe together. Choose two to three main colors of wardrobe, and maybe one accent pop of color. Mixing stripes with plaids and tweeds is okay! Expression is important. We want to see your personality through your wardrobe.


Dress for the weather, and be flexible

If you’re from Michigan, you know that it can be 50 and cloudy one day, 75 and sunny 12 hours later. Be prepared to be flexible with wardrobe, in case you have to switch it up last minute. If you have plans for a cute sundress and the weather ends up being 20 degrees colder than you were anticipating, switch it up a bit by adding layers. Tights, boots, scarf, slouchy hat, cardigan. Dress appropriately for the weather that day, even if it doesn’t go with your original plan. If your sweating profusely in a sweater during the shoot, you won’t be happy. On the same token, if your wearing a tank dress and the weather dips too much in the evening making it cold, it’ll reflect in the final images.


Dress for the situation

Just as dressing for weather is important, dressing for the situation is just as important. A fancy black dress and a dress shirt and tie wouldn’t be the most appropriate wardrobe for a forest or grassy setting. More formal wear would be more appropriate for an urban or “big city” feel.


Timeless always has a place

I love when my clients show up to a shoot with the simplest and timeless of outfits. These outfits will always stand the test of time, and will never go out of style.


Shoes are a very important part of wardrobe

If you have the cutest dress for pictures but slap your favorite pair of tennis shoes, it makes the whole look lose cohesiveness. My recommendation for shoes are boots, leather sandals (just say “no” to Old Navy flip flops), Converse All-Stars, Toms, Sperrys, and Mary Janes. Barefoot is always a great option! 


Avoid words/letters and large photos on clothing

These words and phrases and photos will go out of style. Having these things in a prominent place on your clothing will result in less timeless photos.


Hairpiece tips

I always recommend keeping hair accessories simple. When they are too big it distracts from your face. 


Personality and Pictures

The most important part of putting together your wardrobe is allowing personality to come through in what you’re wearing. If you have a favorite pair of boots, wear them! If you love to wear hats and sunglasses, bring them! Whatever makes you your own individual, awesome self, let’s focus on those things. 


Number of Outfits

I always recommend 2-3 outfits for senior sessions. This number is the sweet spot between too few and too many! You definitely do not want to get overwhelmed with choices while in the middle of your session! With those few outfits you do bring, remember to accessorize and have fun! 

Do you have any "go to" tips for putting together a wardrobe? Share them with us here!