Senior Week | Are YOU Ready?

Reflections Photography Senior Week is here! It's a whole week dedicated to high school seniors with topics that you care about and senior pictures that will make you rave! If you want to be a Reflections Photography senior, then this is the week that you should get scheduled!  

This is one of my favorite times of the year because I get to gear up to meet the latest senior class. Each class is unique and when I get to meet them, they are excited about their upcoming senior year...probably because senioritis has not yet set in! 

Let's kick off senior week with introductions! Not about me (which you can read here), but to the latest Reflections Photography senior reps!! 

Here they are, and they are AWESOME!

senior week.jpg


Portland High School

maya - spring1.jpg


Pewamo-Westphalia Junior/Senior High

sam - spring40.jpg


Portland High School

kaylee - spring12.jpg


St. Patrick High School

Alana - Spring10.jpg


Pewamo-Westphalia Junior/Senior High

grace - spring14.jpg

These ladies are so awesome that they helped me complete an awesome behind-the-scenes video just so you can see what a session looks like! Check out that video below and then head over to contact me to start customizing your session!

If you are interested in finding out more about a session with Reflections Photography, these ladies are the ones to ask! They can tell you stories, experiences and even tell you how to get a hold of us or you can skip that part and book here!