Senior Week | Hair and Makeup

I have partnered up with my friend, Kristina at Natural Glam by K who is offering some great hair and makeup tips for your photos! Continue reading to see what she recommends so that you can look best for your pictures.

senior week hair and makeup.jpg

Makeup Tips

  1. The flash of a camera will bounce off of makeup, so it's important that your blending of concealer is done well
  2. Eye Shadow - Use colors that are not too heavy and match your skin tones
  3. Eye Liner - The closer to the lash and tighter the line, the better
  4. False Eyelashes - These really enhance your eyes in portraits, make sure you get a good looking natural set
  5. Lips - Nude is a great choice for most people. This enhances the lip just enough to make it look natural. 

Remember that makeup is there to enhance your already gorgeous features. You still want to look like yourself in your pictures, and not too overdone. 

Hair Tips

  1. Go a little messy - Hair that is too done will look stiff in photos. When you have it styled perfectly, toss it around just a little to loosen it up, the goal is to get some natural movement
  2. Tame flyaways - To tame these little hairs, keep a toothbrush handy and spray it with hairspray to target your fly-aways without stiffening up your whole style. Most importantly, make sure to tame the fly-aways in and around your face, there is nothing worse than having a small hair in front of your eye in your photos
  3. Flat hair looks really flat in photos - but don't add too much volume because you do not want your hair to look like a helmet!

It’s easy to make your photos look dated quickly with trendy hairstyles. Choose a classic style that is flattering and modern for a portrait that will stand the test of time. Most importantly, choose a style that makes you feel comfortable and look your best. Ultimately, it’s your confidence that will shine through to give you the best possible portrait!

It is never a bad idea to let a professional hair and makeup artist help you for your senior pictures. Kristina offers her services as low as $30 and even comes to your home! You can contact her by calling or texting 517-285-3427.

If you would like to schedule a session with Reflections Photography to include hair and makeup, with Kristina, let us know here so we can get started!