Maya | Reflections Photography Senior Rep

This year, Reflections Photography has an awesome senior rep team and Maya is one of them!

We grabbed Maya's spring photos on a 32-degree day in Michigan so she really felt the cold! She did absolutely awesome even though her toes were freezing! 


We found some unique locations in Grand Ledge, Michigan that were the urban look that Maya wanted for her session. Every once in a while I heard her talking about her happy place, the beach, as a tactic to stay warm. I think it least a little! 


It almost looks like she isn't cold!


Here is what Maya had to say just after her session:

I really liked shooting around Grand Ledge and the scenery surprised me. It was absolutely freezing outside but Danielle made it a lot of fun and easy to get through!
— Maya

Thank you, Maya, for braving the freezing temps and meeting up with me to get these great images! We are going to have so much fun this year with our rep team!

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