Gavin | Class of 2018

The Michigan weather sure has done a lot of switching from warm to cold lately. And while I am never ready for the cold, I knew it was coming! The thing with this year is that a lot of 2018 seniors really wanted fall photos. It truly is a great time to capture pictures, but we take really big chances on the weather this time of year. Gavin's session was no different, and unfortunately, we could not avoid the rain during his session. It is a good thing he was willing to put up with the cold rainy and weather, because that is about all we were getting!


Gavin is on the Portland High School's baseball team as well as the football team. He wanted to make sure to incorporate these sports into some of his senior portraits. I love when people do this!


Even through all the cold and rain, we still managed to find time to get a lot of great photos! 


Thank you, Gavin, for putting up with the crazy weather with me and allowing me to capture you during your senior year! 

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