Nathan | Class of 2018

When Nathan's senior session was scheduled, I was informed that he wanted to bring his guitar for some of his pictures. I was so excited because I love to listen to music and have a great appreciation for musicians. When Nathan showed up to his session with his guitar and a Led Zepplin tee-shirt, I knew he is the kind of person I could get along with!


I could tell right away that this was Nathan's comfort zone. So I continued to ask him about his music. Can you believe that he is part of a band called "Shark Teeth Soup!" It always amazes me the names people come up with for their bands and this one is no different!


We photographed Nathan in different areas of Portland to give him some variety in his senior pictures. While walking around Portland though, I tend to try to get to know the people I photograph. Nathan appeared to be the quiet type, so he kindly listened while I talked his ear off and asked him a boatload of questions about his band. I got a few good stories out of him!

Thank you, Nathan, for allowing me to get to know you during your senior session! I had a lot of fun! 

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