Alena | Class of 2018

We have had so many gorgeous days this fall in Michigan, and the day I met up with Alena was no different. It was a beautiful 70 degrees with the sun out! The perfect evening for photos! 

We traveled to MSU Gardens where we didn't think of the game that was going on. We quickly found out when we got there because the campus was really busy! Not only was it the normal kind of busy, but it was also homecoming, so we got to see people sporting their best "Sparty" gear while tailgating in every parking lot available. We made it work though and got some gorgwous photos!

MSU has a lovely campus! We were lucky enough to find a little bit of the fall color while we walked around. 

Plus the ivy covered walls are always a bonus!


There were so many locations that when I got home my feet hurt from all of the walking. But let's be honest, it was worth it! Just look at the gorgeousness in these photos!!


Thanks, Alena, for driving around campus with me to get these beautiful pictures for your senior year! 

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