Andy | Class of 2019

Andy had to wait out some rain for his senior session and I am so glad that he did! We were rewarded with great weather! When the rain stopped and I got to his family farm, I took a look around and knew that I would love this location. Andy has worked on his families farm his entire life so this was the perfect spot to capture his senior photos. I could tell that this is right where we belonged for his session. Here is a little more about Andy along with a few of my favorites from his session.


RP: What is the hardest part about working on the farm?

Andy: The hardest part about working on the farm is working around weather conditions and timing your planting/ harvest around the weather conditions.


RP: What is something that you enjoy most about the farm?

Andy: I enjoy working on all the machines, fixing broken equipment and running the equipment especially during harvest because it is my favorite time of the year.


RP: What is a quote that you try to live by?

Andy: A quote I try to live by is “anything is possible if you set your mind to it” because any dream you have to pursue doesn’t wait, if you really want something you must work hard, set your mind to it and you can accomplish it!!

Thank you, Andy, for allowing me to capture you during your senior year!

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