David | Class of 2019

I met up with David on the warmest October day yet! It was a nice change to get almost 80 degrees after dealing with 50’s in the past week and it was even better that David got the perfect day for photos!

I loved getting to know David and his family while we went to some of his favorite Portland spots. Here are a few of my favorite photos, along with a little more about David.


RP: Who is someone that you look up to, why?

David: I look up to my parent as my biggest motivation. They were able to immigrate to the United States and work hard to give me a better platform for my future and I am going to take advantage of it to succeed in life.


RP: What do you love most about Portland?

David: I love the community of Portland. From the beautiful rivers and river trails to our small population, we are a city filled with joy and friendliness. There’s no worrying about safety in Portland but rather remembering the names of all the people you meet when you take a trip through the town. The uniqueness of Portland has shaped me to who I am and I am thankful for that.


RP: What is your favorite food, why?

David: Despite our differences in religion, culture, or gender, the one thing everyone in Portland can agree on is the sensational ranch dressing of the Wagon Wheel. Out of the whole state of Michigan you can’t find ranch better than theirs. It is among one of the most valuable things that Portland has and my passion for it will carry with me even onto college.

Thank you, David, for allowing me to capture you during your senior year!

To view his entire gallery, click here!