Brice | Class of 2020

I was so excited to meet up with Brice to see what ideas he came up with for his senior photos! He claimed to not know too much about what he wanted for his senior pictures, but once we got going, he started to open up about the things he likes! I just love working with people to develop a custom session that reflects them and I think we accomplished that for Brice this weekend. Here are a few of my favorites along with a little more about Brice!

senior picture of boy fishing
I was surprised as to how quick and easy it felt. At first i was little nervous but after the first couple photos I relaxed and it became fun!
— Brice
senior boy standing on path

RP: What is the best thing about high school so far?

Brice: Then best thing about high school is the football season we are having and the friends I made this senior year

RP: What are you most looking forward to during your senior year?

Brice: I am mostly looking forward to all of the freedom i’m having and seeing how to plan for my future with the classes i’m taking.

senior portrait of boy sitting on rock in the river

RP: What is a quote that you live by and why?

Brice: “Everything happens for a reason” this is because things that have happened ended up becoming something better or taught me about life and the lessons I have learned.

RP: What is it about fishing do you love so much?

Brice: The reason I love fishing so much is because your out there with nature and everything bad or stressful in life is going to fade-away. You’re just enjoying the moment and you never know what your going to catch. Even when you don’t catch anything, its ok because I am doing what I love. Also fishing helped give me the close friends that I have now because when I first moved here from North Carolina, it was something that I had in common and things I could do with them.

Thank you, Brice for inviting me to do your senior pictures!

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