Zoey | Class of 2020

I recently met up with Zoey in Portland to get her senior pictures completed! We got right to work getting some awesome senior pictures! Here are a few of my favorites along with a little more about Zoey!

girl in alleyway senior pictures

RP: What was the best thing about visiting Hawaii this year?

Zoey: The best thing about visiting Hawaii, was the ocean. The water is beautiful and perfect for just about anything

girl in front of stores senior pictures

RP: What are your plans after high school?

Zoey: After high school I plan on going to LCC to get my main credits, then transferring to CMU to major in business admin. And minor in economic.

girl senior picture

RP: What is something that you would tell your younger self?

Zoey: One thing I would tell my younger self, is to love who I was and am! I didn’t realize how great I was as a person and didn’t know my self worth. Self love is so important.

Thank you, Zoey for letting me capture the pictures for your senior year!

To view her full gallery, click here!