Reflections Photography Announced as a Winner in Rep. Calley's Photo Contest

Recently I was selected as a winner of Representative Calley’s photo contest and was invited to the Lansing State Capitol for an unveiling!

City of Portland, Mi in the Grand River

The winning image was taken in the summer of 2018 in the Grand River in Portland, MI from the boat launch near Verlen Kruger Memorial. As a person who loves photography, I often get ideas of images that I add to a “bucket list” of sorts. My vision for this particular photo was to get in the water and place my camera in the water to get a different view of downtown Portland that no one had seen before. My imagination paid off and the resulting image shows a smooth Grand River with Portland as a beautiful backdrop!

During my visit to the Capitol, I was greeted in Representative Julie Calley’s office to participate in an official unveiling of the photo. We shared lunch and moved over to the capitol building where I was able to watch the House of Representatives in session. During my time there, Representative Calley addressed the entire House of Representatives describing the photo contest and winners. I was then presented with a special tribute as well!

This experience was amazing and very memorable! I feel so honored to be represented in Representative Calley’s office and am happy that people visiting get to see how gorgeous my hometown of Portland is!

The official press release can be found here.