Anthony | Class of 2019

I met Anthony on a beautiful afternoon, the sun was high in the sky but it wasn’t too hot or too cold, a perfect day for senior photos! We got right to work on the Raider soccer field where Anthony is a goalie. From there, we moved to various spots around Portland to get some more great senior pictures for him. Here is a little more about Anthony plus a few of my favorite photos from his session!


RP: What was the best play you made during soccer?

Anthony: Junior year while in goal playing against Waverly, I made a huge diving save that was chipped over me to the other end of the ent. I barely got to it with my fingertips and sent it out!


RP: When you’re not playing soccer, what is your favorite thing to do?

Anthony: I like to play a lot of video games and going out with friends.


RP: If you were given 100k what would you do with it?

Anthony: I would use some for college and a new car then save the rest for future investments.

Thank you, Anthony, for allowing me to capture you during your senior year!

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