Sam | Class of 2019

Sam met me in Portland for her senior session! I was so excited to show her more of my hometown and find her some great spots for her senior photos! Here are a few of my favorites along with a little more about Sam! 

Sam - Summer31.jpg

RP: You like to explore new places, where is somewhere you have been recently and what was so great about it?

Sam: One place that I have been recently would be the ledges in Grand Ledge. What's so great about the ledges is that it's scenic and the area is beautiful.

RP: What advice do you have for upcoming graduates?

Sam: The advice I have for upcoming graduates and younger classes is to go to all the sporting events you can and spend time with your class because you only have so much time with your classmates.

Sam - Summer69.jpg

RP: You like to sing right? What's your favorite genre? Your favorite song?

Sam: I can't just pick one genre of music because I like them all and I enjoy singing any type of music.

Sam - Summer22.jpg
The best thing about my photo session with Danielle is the fun atmosphere she brings.
— Sam

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