Whitney | Class of 2019

I met up with Whitney on a perfect fall day! At the time we met, the sun was headed down but this gave us perfect lighting for her entire session! The entire session was lit up by Whitney’s laughter too, she has one of those laughs that is truly infectious, everyone was having a great time. Here is a little more about Whitney and a few of my favorites from her session!


RP: You wear your dads ring around your neck all of the time, what is the story behind it?

Whitney: Technically he was my stepdad but he was the one that took care of me for over two years. He ended up complaining of headaches everyday until he went to the doctor and they found a cancerous tumor in his brain. He had surgery the very next morning. They couldn’t get it all and it ended up being stage four glioblastoma. The doctors said that it would get better and it did for a week or two but then it took a turn for the worst. My mom did all of the home care and it took a real toll on her along with the whole family. He lived 4 months after that and died March 30th of 2015. He wanted his ring that he wore the most to come with me and the other go to one of my other sisters. I lost my best friend.


RP: I photographed your best friend, Sammi, last week. What is your favorite thing about her?

Whitney: My favorite thing about Sammi would be that she will do anything for the people she loves. She helped me through losing my dad since she lost hers much sooner. She’s seen all the worst sides of me and still decides to stay by my side. 


RP: What is the hardest thing that you have ever had to work through? What did you learn from it?

Whitney: The hardest thing I have had to work through is letting someone go that has just turned into someone else. Whether it be friends or family. You learn that just because someone is blood doesn’t mean they are family. I’ve met much better people to help me go through life.

Thank you, Whitney, for allowing me to capture you during your senior year!

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