Cameron | Class of 2018

For Cameron's session, I was sure that the Michigan weather was going to participate. For the days leading up to his session, rain was in the forecast, but the day of the session, the rain forecast dissipated completely! We decided to move forward with his session because we thought we were in the free and clear. 

We were right. However, less than a mile away it down-poured. We got so lucky with the rain missing us, but it allowed us to get some great shots of Cameron with the "moody" Michigan weather and his car! 


The sun started to peek out as it was setting so we decided to move and grab some photos in a different location.


Somewhere around this time is when Cameron shared with me that he likes to take pictures too...of his car! I suppose I could've guessed that, but I was so excited that we had a common interest! We chatted about photography for a little while! I love having friends with an interest in photography! 


Thank you, Cameron, for meeting me, taking a chance on the weather and talking photography with me! I had a lot of fun capturing you for your senior session! 

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