The Fox Family | Portland Family Photos

Once in a while, I get lucky enough to get a call from someone that I haven't heard from in years. It happened to be that the Fox Family decided that they needed new family photos and thought of me! I have known this family since I was a child (should I admit to that?) so I literally grew up around them. Dave, Kim and my parents were all good friends, so by default, I got to know them and their three boys, Adam, Alex, and Chris. Now that us kids are all grown up, life sure does get in the way! I have to admit it has probably been a minimum of 12 years since I have seen the boys and now some of them have wives! When did that happen?? I am so glad that this family was able to get together to update their family photo, which I hear is pretty outdated! 

Fox Family27.jpg
Fox Family41.jpg

A also LOVE that Grandma came along!

Fox Family9.jpg
Fox Family57.jpg
Fox Family58.jpg

Thank you, everyone, for coming out and updating your family photo with me! 

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