Senior Week | Locations

Part of the fun of planning for your senior pictures is choosing the location of your photos. Michigan provides endless possibilities, so you may have a problem with too many options! But don't worry, your photographer can typically help narrow your choices! Many photographers (including myself) have some favorite locations that they like to photograph, it never hurts to ask for their recommendation, however, if you have access to an awesome spot please share it with your photographer! I personally LOVE a new location, and the most unlikely of locations are often the best ones! 

senior week locations.jpg

Urban, Country, Woodsy

This is one of the first things that I will ask a client when trying to determine a location. Your photographer needs to know what style is most like you. Where do you enjoy spending time? What type of images are you drawn to? A lot of times the answers to these questions will determine what type of location we should hold your session. 



If there are hobbies or sports that you are active in, please tell your photographer! It is important to include these things in your portraits. Sometimes these things can help determine a good location too! 

Do you have an animal? Bring them along! We will definitely want to discuss the location based on the fact that you may have a furry friend tagging along and check into park rules beforehand. 



What are you planning to wear for your senior pictures? You will want what you are wearing to match the location that you are in. For example, cowboy boots in an urban area may not look good together. A lot of times, what you wear will help determine the locations that we consider. 



Sometimes the best locations are right under your nose. Maybe you have a family member that has an awesome farm with a beautiful old barn. Or someone that you know has a vast field of wildflowers? Try to think outside of the box, because what you have seen before may be the place that helps you achieve the most epic senior portrait! 

On the other hand, some of the best locations are inaccessible. This usually occurs due to park rules or trespassing issues. We will do our best to find something comparable and just as gratifying! 


As always, don't feel bad if you have to rely on your photographer for suggestions. Many professional photographers have tried and true locations that will provide awesome photos! 

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