Celine | Class of 2018

I had the opportunity to drive all the way to Kalamazoo, Michigan to meet Celine for her senior session. I have only passed by K-zoo twice (maybe) so while I was with Celine I was able to discover a lot of new places! I took the backroads to Kalamazoo and saw some gorgeous Michigan scenery that I know I will have to travel back to at some point soon. I quickly passed by these beautiful areas because I was on a mission to give Celine the absolute best senior session! 

When we met, Celine explained that she found a cute coffee shop in downtown Kalamazoo called The Black Owl Cafe. She loves coffee, so it only seems right that we would begin her senior session at this location. I immediately fell in love with this coffee shop. It has the best atmosphere, is so cute and has awesome coffee! Maybe they will consider opening one in my hometown, Portland!


Next, we made our way to Drue, a hair salon in downtown Kalamazoo that has the best mid-century modern decor. We took advantage of their great atmosphere and met their mind-blowingly awesome staff! 


With a few more trips around downtown, Celine and I were able to find several locations to get some great photos of her! 


Thank you, Celine, for hanging out with me for the day getting your senior photos done! 

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