Emily | Class of 2018

The weather had been pouring rain all weekend and it was supposed to clear up just in time for Emily's session. But I tell ya, mother nature had us really worried for a while! For the entire two hour drive to Silver Lake, it rained. We knew the rain was going to let up, so we still went for it.  Even without the warm weather, Emily was still willing to try to dip her toes in Lake Michigan. Here is when she figured out just how chilly it was! 


Silver Lake is a great summer spot in Michigan where people go to do some off-roading with their vehicles on the sand dunes. Don't let the photos fool you, these things are huge! This place looked like a ghost town when I arrived which is a stark difference from the summertime. 


We took a huge chance on the weather for Emily's session. With a lot of whipping wind and rain, mother nature sure wasn't holding back! It all paid off though when the rain cleared and gave us this!


Thank you, Emily, for braving the crazy weather with me and getting your senior portraits completed! 

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