What is your payment policy?

I can accept checks, cash, PayPal and credit card payments.  Your session fee is due before or at the time of the your session. Enlargement costs are due at the time your portrait order is placed. 

Upon request, I can offer payment plans

Do you retouch your images?

Absolutely! I retouch each image by hand to make sure they are perfect and reflect the style that you see on my website. My extensive retouching method is a core part of my creative process. I refine and provide each image with creative touches to reflect Reflections Photography’s unique style.

If there is anything you would like removed or specifically retouched you will need to let me know. Please understand that this does take a great deal of time and that there are limits to what I am able to do.

How long is a session, and what does a session “look like?”

For a typical session, plan at least one hour. Ultimately, the location and subjects will have a lot to do with the timeframe as well. Locations that have a lot of versatility can result in longer sessions. Persons with active children may also see longer sessions, whereas babies that are unhappy may result in shorter sessions for example.

All sessions take place on location, at the location of your choice which we will discuss when booking. (Please look here for pointers).

Do you ever offer special pricing or sales?

Yes! The only way to have knowledge of my specials are by following me on social media!

Can I use, edit, crop images from Reflections Photography?

All images are owned by Reflections Photography and are protected under the U.S. copyright laws. Any alterations, or usage of the images without permission is not acceptable.

Do you offer a disc/usb with images?

Although I discourage the practice of offering discs/usb’s to my clients, I understand that this is what is desired at times. Please inquire for pricing on these.

Should I order enlargements through Reflections or buy the USB and print at a store?

Enlargements ordered through Reflections Photography are printed at a professional printer, which regularly checks for quality and color. Longevity is guaranteed because they use archival paper. If you wish you are welcome to look at our studio samples to see the difference, it’s amazing!

As I do offer a USB for purchase, although I highly discourage this to my clients. I cannot guarantee the quality, color, and longevity of the prints you purchase at a store. I also cannot guarantee your USB’s to not break or stop working.