Jenasen | Class of 2020

Jenasen met up with me on the perfect summer night in Portland, MI to get her senior pictures completed before school is back in session. I loved every second of her session; we captured so many great shots! Here are a few of my favorites along with a little more about Jenasen!

Girls senior pictures in field

RP: What is one quote you live by?

Jenasen: "The opposite of bravery is not cowardice but conformity." -Robert Anthony

This quote reminds me that it's always easier to go with the status quo, but it takes courage to do what you want .

girls senior picture

RP: What is your favorite art medium?

Jenasen: My favorite art medium has always been pencil or charcoal. I love creating depth using only one tool because I like the combined detail and simplicity of it.

girl senior picture in tall grass

RP: What is something you would tell your younger self if you could?

Jenasen: I would definitely tell my younger self to take more risks. I was a very shy kid, but I know now that all great things are done with time and practice, so why not try everything?

Thank you, Jenasen, for choosing me to do your senior pictures!

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